Our History

Our toys Montessori sets toys are a good choiсe as for inquisitive child of the age till 3 years old. 3 years is the age when the child's brain reaches 80% of its adult potential. If you give the child what you need and when you need to engage in early development, then he will grow smart and will have a solid character. You’ll find that most quality and most needed child care programs a lot of kindergartens require all of these toys. But even if your children spend the most part of the time in such an environment, your should think about having special toys too! There are plenty options and you could easily get lost in your researches!! Magnetic or building toys, or maybe Picasso blocks, connecting or construction? If we had to make a choice for only one item from the list for extremely fast raising skills child influential play at your home, we would get the Montessori!
Pedagogy Montessori or Montessori system - a system of education, proposed by Maria Montessori. The main principles of the system are: the independence of the child, freedom within the established boundaries, the natural psychological, physical and social development of the child. While conventional toys focus on curriculum, Brain Kids toys focuses on the influence the child. A great beginnings education combines the time-tested and amazing insights of famous Dr.M.Montessori with the combination of outdoor exploration and leading-edge Montessori study. The results are curious and academically-exceptional children prepared for an ever-evolving world. Most world commercial famous toy sellers likely would have us to think that the best and considerable toys for 1-3 year olds kids are based on cartoon funny and smart characters (which is great isn't it?). Or other option are toys that looks like the characters from modern interactive PC and even TV shows and programs! However, we learn that 1-3 year old kids have to practice a lot and do large muscle multiple movement with raising increasing refinement of their smaller muscles – legs, arms, hands! They shоuld understand how to hold crayons and pencils, gripping them by little fingers. We also know a very substantial thing that these fast and crucial time is an great impressionistic years for child sensorial raising development. You already know that all children go through all interesting things in our immense world using all of their progressing senses. The main thing is that Montessori toys are helping lay that great foundation for every inquiring child, shows how to think fast and act creatively all the time. Have fun with our toys!